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The Reality (and Importance) of Day-to-Day Conversation

In today’s digital workplace, we use technology to quickly communicate with each other on a daily basis; for many, this is the preferred way of connecting. However, people still yearn for, and need, day-to-day (D2D) conversations with their senior leaders and each other. In this article we’ll examine the reality, importance and benefit of having face-to-face (F2F) conversations with colleagues and direct reports.

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The Power (and Responsibility) of Leadership Level Listening

If there is one thing we can likely agree on, it is that truly listening to people is a lost art form. Too often, we are moving onto the next meeting, distracted by our smartphones or caught up in the next task. Here, but not “hearing,” we cannot live in the moment. As a result, we are missing opportunities to not only be present for the individual who is speaking, but to act on what is being said. 

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The Do’s and ‘Darwins’ of Social Media

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and social media platforms have exponentially accelerated the pace of those communications. Not only has this had a tremendous impact on an organization’s business strategy, but it has also influenced the role that an HR professional plays. 

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