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Children of the Peak with guest Julie Veloo and host Howie Outerbridge

Join Julie Veloo and Howie Outerbridge discuss Julie’s historic ride across Mongolia in an effort to raise funds for her charity, Children of the Peak. To get the latest updates, visit the Blue Wolf Totem Expedition FB page.

The following is an excerpt of the podcast:

HO: I know you are somewhere in Mongolia, but tell us exactly where you are, and what the heck the Gobi Gallop and Blue Wolf Totem Expeditions are!

JV: Thanks! I am currently in the northernmost province of Mongolia, Khovsgul, having just ridden 1,800 kms across half of Mongolia on the Blue Wolf Totem Expedition – a 3,600 km / 84-day adventure that I am 41 days into. This is a charity ride supporting the children and families who scavenge to survive whom we help with Veloo Foundation’s work here in Mongolia. The Blue Wolf Totem is likely the longest charity expedition in history and is the result of holding the 700 km / 10-day Gobi Gallop Charity ride every year for the past 10 years.

HO: Just as with Terry Fox, there is more than just the stunning scenery and sense of adventure driving you and many people will have connected your ride to the cause – Children of the Peak. Tell us more about your charity.

JV: I can talk all day about this. In a nutshell, the charity is about stopping scavenging to survive before it becomes generational here in Mongolia. It is a relatively new issue here and with winter temperatures dropping regularly into the minus 40 category it really is a brutal way to survive. We have undertaken the following initiatives to address the problem:

1. 2 kindergartens serving approximately 350 children from families living on or around the largest garbage dump in Mongolia

2. Gandy’s Kids Campus Community Library & Community Centre

3. Soaring Crane Summer Camp

4. Fran London Centre for the Fabric Arts

5. A variety of community outreach programs

HO: It is amazing that you are able to make a difference to these families in so many ways. How can our listeners help out?

JV: Please just visit or @VelooFoundation on Facebook and see what we are up to. Lots of links there for donations in cash or in kind and of course, you can always donate to a rider page for the Blue Wolf Totem rider.

HO: Logan HR will be making a donation and we certainly encourage others to do so. Is there anything else that you want to share before we let you go?

JV: Just thank you for doing the interview, glad the timing worked out. Seeing as I had never ridden before I was 50 and am now leading this record-setting expedition, I would just like to challenge folks to go for their dreams. If your dream is to come and ride Mongolia, just message me at and I can let you know about all the treks (most of which are just wonderful treks for regular people) that we have …all of which support our work at Veloo Foundation.

HO: Thank-you again, Julie, for joining me from the road. All of us wish you the very best on your trip and thank-you for the difference you are making.

For more information about Julie’s work, the trek, or how to donate to Children of the Peak, visit

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