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Quit, Fail, Pivot, Land – a modern day job seeker’s journey w/ Anjulie Latta and host Howie Outerbridge

Among other things, Anjulie shares her self-care advice, and a few books she found very useful during her search:

Prepare for this to be a lengthy process that requires energy, focus, and dedication. It will take time but you are in the driver’s seat! You can’t keep at it 24-7 – it will drain you Take breaks Be kind to yourself Surround yourself with people who love you and support you and know you are awesome Listen to your gut – if your instincts tell you it’s not right, it’s not (the sniff test) Be open minded – the right fit for you might be very different than you think! Don’t give up…be patient.
Books: Atomic Habits – James Clear, Love + Work – Marcus Buckingham

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